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PSU Wrestling

PSU Wrestling: Lions’ lineup, pre-seeds revealed for Big Ten Championships

Photo by Penn State Athletics: Brady Berge

Penn State announced its lineup for this weekend’s Big Ten Wrestling Championships, to be held at the Bryce Jordan Center. The Big Ten also revealed preliminary seeds for the tournament. Penn State has two top seeds: Roman Bravo-Young at 133 and Aaron Brooks at 184.

As you can see, Penn State will be relying on six freshmen in its lineup.

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Here is PSU’s lineup, with class and records, from

125: Fr. Robert Howard (2-1 this season)

133: Jr. Roman Bravo-Young (6-0 this season, 25-7 Big Ten career, 6-3 in Big Ten tourney)

141: Sr. Nick Lee (6-0 this season, 45-7 Big Ten career, 8-2 in Big Ten tourney)

149: Fr. Beau Bartlett (7-1 this season)

157: Jr. Brady Berge (5-0 this season, 11-4 Big Ten career, 2-1 in Big Ten tourney)

165: Fr. Joe Lee (4-2 this season)

174: Fr. Carter Starocci (6-1 this season)

184: So. Aaron Brooks (6-0 this season, 15-1 Big Ten career, 3-0 in Big Ten tourney)

197: Fr. Michael Beard (3-1 this season)

285: Fr. Greg Kerkvliet (2-0 this season)

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Following are the pre-seeds, from the Big Ten:

125 LBS.

  1. Spencer Lee, Iowa
  2. Liam Cronin, Nebraska
  3. Malik Heinselman, Ohio State
  4. Patrick McKee, Minnesota
  5. Rayvon Foley, Michigan State
  6. Eric Barnett, Wisconsin
  7. Devin Schroder, Purdue
  8. Michael DeAugustino, Northwestern
  9. Dylan Ragusin, Michigan
  10. Justin Cardani, Illinois
  11. Robert Howard, Penn State
  12. Jacob Moran, Indiana
  13. Dylan Shawver, Rutgers
  14. Zach Spence, Maryland

133 LBS.

  1. Roman Bravo-Young, Penn State
  2. Austin DeSanto, Iowa
  3. Sammy Alvarez, Rutgers
  4. Lucas Byrd, Illinois
  5. Chris Cannon, Northwestern
  6. Jack Medley, Michigan
  7. Boo Dryden, Minnesota
  8. Jordan Decatur, Ohio State
  9. Jacob Rundell, Purdue
  10. Kyle Burwick, Wisconsin
  11. Tucker Sjomeling, Nebraska
  12. Jordan Hamdan, Michigan State
  13. Kyle Luigs, Indiana
  14. Jackson Cockrell, Maryland

141 LBS.

  1. Jaydin Eierman, Iowa
  2. Nick Lee, Penn State
  3. Sebastian Rivera, Rutgers
  4. Chad Red, Nebraska
  5. Dylan Duncan, Illinois
  6. Marcos Polanco, Minnesota
  7. Dylan D’Emilio, Ohio State
  8. Drew Mattin, Michigan
  9. Parker Filius, Purdue
  10. Cayden Rooks, Indiana
  11. Danny Bertoni, Maryland
  12. Matt Santos, Michigan State
  13. Colin Valdiviez, Northwestern
  14. Dominic Dentino, Wisconsin

149 LBS.

  1. Sammy Sasso, Ohio State
  2. Max Murin, Iowa
  3. Griffin Parriott, Purdue
  4. Yahya Thomas, Northwestern
  5. Kanen Storr, Michigan
  6. Michael Blockhus, Minnesota
  7. Ridge Lovett, Nebraska
  8. Mike VanBrill, Rutgers
  9. Graham Rooks, Indiana
  10. Peyton Omania, Michigan State
  11. Beau Bartlett, Penn State
  12. Drew Scharenbrock, Wisconsin
  13. Christian Kanzler, Illinois
  14. Michael North, Maryland

157 LBS.

  1. Ryan Deakin, Northwestern
  2. Kaleb Young, Iowa
  3. Brayton Lee, Minnesota
  4. Kendall Coleman, Purdue
  5. Brady Berge, Penn State
  6. Will Lewan, Michigan
  7. Chase Saldate, Michigan State
  8. Garrett Model, Wisconsin
  9. Elijah Cleary, Ohio State
  10. Caleb Licking, Nebraska
  11. Michael Doetsch, Maryland
  12. Johnny Mologousis, Illinois
  13. Luke Baughman, Indiana

165 LBS.

  1. Alex Marinelli, Iowa
  2. Dan Braunagel, Illinois
  3. Ethan Smith, Ohio State
  4. Cameron Amine, Michigan
  5. Andrew Sparks, Minnesota
  6. Joe Lee, Penn State
  7. Peyton Robb, Nebraska
  8. Jake Tucker, Michigan State
  9. Nick South, Indiana
  10. Gerrit Nijenhuis, Purdue
  11. Jonathan Spadafora, Maryland
  12. David Ferrante, Northwestern
  13. Brett Donner, Rutgers
  14. Josh Otto, Wisconsin

174 LBS.

  1. Michael Kemerer, Iowa
  2. Mikey Labriola, Nebraska
  3. Carter Starocci, Penn State
  4. Logan Massa, Michigan
  5. Donnell Washington, Indiana
  6. Kaleb Romero, Ohio State
  7. Jackson Turley, Rutgers
  8. Jared Krattiger, Wisconsin
  9. Jake Allar, Minnesota
  10. Drew Hughes, Michigan State
  11. DJ Shannon, Illinois
  12. Emil Soehnlen, Purdue
  13. Troy Fisher, Northwestern
  14. Philip Spadafora, Maryland

184 LBS.

  1. Aaron Brooks, Penn State
  2. Christopher Weiler, Wisconsin
  3. Layne Malczewski, Michigan State
  4. Owen Webster, Minnesota
  5. John Poznanski, Rutgers
  6. Taylor Venz, Nebraska
  7. Max Lyon, Purdue
  8. Zach Braunagel, Illinois
  9. Nelson Brands, Iowa
  10. Rocky Jordan, Ohio State
  11. Kyle Cochran, Maryland
  12. Jaden Bullock, Michigan
  13. Jon Halvorsen, Northwestern
  14. Santos Cantu III, Indiana

197 LBS.

  1. Eric Schultz, Nebraska
  2. Myles Amine, Michigan
  3. Jacob Warner, Iowa
  4. Cam Caffey, Michigan State
  5. Lucas Davison, Northwestern
  6. Thomas Penola, Purdue
  7. Michael Beard, Penn State
  8. Matt Wroblewski, Illinois
  9. Gavin Hoffman, Ohio State
  10. Billy Janzer, Rutgers
  11. Garrett Joles, Minnesota
  12. Jaron Smith, Maryland
  13. Nick Willham, Indiana
  14. Andrew Salemme, Wisconsin

285 LBS.

  1. Gable Steveson, Minnesota
  2. Mason Parris, Michigan
  3. Tony Cassioppi Iowa
  4. Luke Luffman, Illinois
  5. Christian Lance, Nebraska
  6. Trent Hillger, Wisconsin
  7. Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State
  8. Tate Orndorff, Ohio State
  9. Christian Rebottaro Michigan State
  10. Jack Heyob, Northwestern
  11. Christian Colucci, Rutgers
  12. Dorian Keys, Purdue
  13. Rudy Streck, Indiana
  14. Garrett Kappes, Maryland
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Cory Giger is a 15-year veteran of the Penn State beat and a journalist with 28 years of experience. He has won more than 100 state and national journalism awards during his career, plus he's a voter for the Heisman Trophy in football and Wooden Award in basketball.

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