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PSU Football

James Franklin postgame comments

James Franklin’s comments after Penn State’s 56-21 win over Illinois at Beaver Stadium.

“I appreciate the resiliency that this team showed. The players, the coaches, the staff, the trainers, everybody, under challenging circumstances. So to end the regular season with a 1-0 is a positive.”

On bowl game decision:

“There’s gonna be a meeting after this where I get together with the captains and the seniors.

“Give those guys time to meet with their positions, shower up and give me time to have a meeting with them and come up with a plan.”

On getting Dotson involved so early:

“It’s not like it was different this week.”He made a really nice catch and knifed up the field. Their guy missed a tackle.”

“The last couple weeks we were able to get our running game going, which opens up the play-action pass, which opens up the RPOs.”

On if Franklin would go be with his family and work remotely if team goes to a bowl:

“Based on the dates that I think are available out there, I don’t think so because I think the turnaround’s gonna be fairly fast — a week or two weeks as I understand it.”

“We’ve already got the bowl schedule mapped out, so we’re ready to move quickly.”

“Whenever I do go to see my family, I’ve got to quarantine. … Ive’ got to do a five-day quarantine before I go.

“So I’ve got Fumi’s rules, and I’ve got Wayne’s rules (Dr. Sebastianelli), and I’m not in charge of either one of them.”

“I know there’s a lot of conversations about how I’m gonna get my family back here … and how can we support my family in this region based on her sickle cell.”

“I wish it was that simple where I could just go and check in with them for a short period of time, I just don’t see that working.”

“This is gonna continue for a little bit longer.”

On how he’s doing personally:

“Right after a win, you do feel a sense of joy. … You do get that sense of satisfaction for the players, that sense of satisfaction for the team. The way my mind works is i’m already on to the next task.”

“I am very proud of everybody for battling through. It’s hard to do this under normal circumstances and even more now. I’m also really proud how we’ve kept everybody healthy. We’re one of only a handful of teams in the Big Ten and in the country that didn’t miss a game during the season.”

“We’re up to 66 false positives. That’s people missing practice, people missing work. We had a bunch this week, and that puts you on an emotional roller coaster, as well.”

“W’eve got a lot of work to do. There were a lot of distractions this season. … There’s a lot. And I also want to try to get back to these freshmen and transfers and getting back to understanding what a normal Penn State experience is like. … For these freshmen, this is all they know. And this is not what Penn State is like.”

“It’s Happy Valley. And I want people to experience that.”

On sacrifices team has made all season:

“There’s so many people that worked hard to get this done. But at the end of the day, it’s about the people following the policies put in place, the procedures put in place. To ask 18-23 year old guys to do it and do it on a consistent basis. … We had a really good plan. … At the end of the day, people made the choices to follow it, not only when they were with us, but when they were away from us. And the same with the staff.”

“Everybody’s dealing with this, and it’s been challenging on everybody, but then you try to do that while also running a major college football program and all the demands that come with that and all the demands that come with being a student at one of the major academic institutions in the country. It’s been a lot.”

On defense dominating after slow start:

“Part of the issue is you’re planning for the guy at quarterback that’s been playing pretty much the whole year, and the other guy — No. 1 (Isaiah Williams) — had been pretty much a rotational type guy.”

“They made some plays early on. … But once we were able to outnumber then in the box and be more consistent with our gap responsibility and make them one dimensional, that helped us.”

“We are, just like a lot of programs in the country right now, we are razor thin. We’ve got a lot of guys out. … A lot of guys that were held out, all the guys you guys would normally ask me, are held out for different reasons and different medical reasons.”

“It’s been very different, but I also know thats the way it’s been at most places in the country.”

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