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2022: A Year Of Big Progress for the Sports Now College Network

Today rings in a new year for the Sports Now College Network.

We’re excited and very much encouraged with the growth that all three of our websites Pittsburgh Sports Now, West Virginia Sports Now and Nittany Sports Now showed in 2022.

Our staffs worked extremely hard to provide the readers of each respective website the most up-to-date information, creative content and breaking news, as well as give you our opinions on what is important with the Pitt, West Virginia and Penn State athletic programs.

Our obvious goal for 2023 is to do the same but do it better and to provide you with even more content.

I’m not going to bore you with every site detail of the past year, but I do want to share with you some statistics that we’re proud and excited that we were able to accomplish and that have us excited for the upcoming year.

Pittsburgh Sports Now:

*Thanks to a strong month of December, Pittsburgh Sports Now was able to reach an all-time high in terms of yearly views, as we went over the 10 million milestone: 10,005,494 page views. That’s a nice increase from the previous year and a noticeable jump from two years ago: 8,640,079 in 2021 and 6,615,018 in 2020.

*The other statistic that jumps out to us is the increase that we had in daily page views: 2022 was our highest to date with 27,412 views per day, which is a 9,000 per day increase from 2020.

West Virginia Sports Now:

*The team at West Virginia Sports Now were able to reach an entirely new level with the year-over-year growth they were able to experience in 2022. This year they were able to accumulate over 4.6 million page views, which is a 3 million increase from two years ago. In terms of per day numbers, they had an average of 12,742 page views, an increase of 9,000 views per day compared to two years ago.

Nittany Sports Now:

*Nittany Sports Now is still in its infancy but 2022 was successful for them as well as they doubled yearly traffic and average viewers per day from 2021. The last four months in particular have been big as the site has seen six figure page views in each month.

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