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Penn State Football

Q&A: NSN Chats With Penn State ’24 Commit Quinton Martin About Versatility, Senior HS Season, More

Penn State football commit Quinton Martin runs with the football for Belle Vernon.
Penn State football commit Quinton Martin runs with the football for Belle Vernon.

NSN chatted with Penn State football’s top-rated Class of 2024 commit Tuesday.

Four-star Quinton Martin of Belle Vernon is a top 40 player nationally and the No. 1 player in Pennsylvania from his class.

Here’s what we discussed in NSN’s latest Q&A. 

Note: This interview transcription has been edited for clarity and length.

Nittany Sports Now: Quinton, it’s been a little more than four months since you committed to Penn State. What has life been like for you since that commitment, and do you feel like there’s been a weight lifted off your shoulders now that the recruiting process is done?

Quinton Martin: Life’s been good. You know, it’s been rolling through. We’re back on the field going through senior year. That came fast, and I feel like I’ve been stress-free. I didn’t have to worry about the recruiting process. I know where I’m going, I know where home is, and I’m just ready to get up there. 

NSN: Is there anything you miss about the recruiting process?

QM: I definitely miss the attention. The confidence that I got during the recruiting process and just the building part of all the different programs. But, at the end of the day, you could only pick one, and I’m very excited for the one I picked. 

NSN: How has the communication been with you and (the Penn State ) coaching staff since you made that decision to commit?

QM: It’s been good. Ever since freshman year, it’s been good. We always communicated to each other, seeing how I’m doing, seeing how they’re doing. So the bond is just unreal, and I’m looking forward to making it even tighter than it is now. 

NSN: How would you describe James Franklin for people who don’t know him?

QM: Smiling Coach Franklin. He’s exciting, determined, confident, competitive and just a great coach all in one.

NSN: So you’re going to college with the intention of playing running back, but you’re a guy that can play pretty much everywhere. Because of that, have the other position coaches been talking to you maybe a little more than they’d be talking to the average running back (commit)?

QM: I mean, yeah. I feel like there’s a variety of coaches that talk to me up there. From the running back coach (JaJuan Seider) to the corner coach (Terry Smith) to the wide receiver coach (Marques Hagans) to the safety coach (Anthony Poindexter). So, I would like to call myself a very diverse player. I could be used at many different positions, and we’ll see what Penn State does for me when I get up there. 

NSN: Are you comfortable with the idea of playing another position?

QM: Yes. I just love playing this game. You know, I love playing football. I love everything about it. So, wherever I play, I’m going to have fun with it regardless. 

NSN: You were dancing earlier (in practice) for what felt like multiple minutes. Is that a pretty good indicator of who you are as a person? 

QMYes, sir. I’m myself. I don’t put on a picture for anyone. I’m going to be myself regardless. I love dancing, I love singing and I’m just me.

NSN: So every goal that kids have when they go to high school, it feels like you’ve done it. Both individually– you got a scholarship to play at a big school– and as a team, you won the state championship. So, being that going into your last year, do you feel like you have anything left to prove?

QM: I always have a chip on my shoulder. I always feel like I have something to prove, and this year, I think we’re going to go back to-back. I’m very confident in my team and the coaches that we have that we can win it again. 

NSN: Do you have any predictions for how Penn State’s going to do this year?

QM: I want them to win the natty. They’re looking very good with the ’23 class coming in, they have Nick Singleton and (Kaytron Allen), so I’m very excited for their year, too. 

NSN: Have you talked with Nick and Kaytron at all?

QM: Yeah I talk to them a little bit. Coach JaJuan (Seider) got us in a group chat, and when I go up to visit, he brings them along and I talk to them.

NSN: The guys in the 2024 class with you, how much have you communicated with them, and is there anyone in particular that you’ve bonded with?

QM: The ’24 class we have now, I talk to them every day. We’re in a group chat, and we know that we’re going to be family. So we keep a good connection with each other, and the person that I’m the closest with is probably Anthony Speca. We’ve been tight since like the fifth grade, and it’s always going to be that way.

NSN: So you, Anthony and Peter Gonzalez are the three WPIAL guys committed. How are you feeling about the potential of building a Western PA pipeline in Happy Valley?

QM: I feel amazing. We have a lot of talent coming up there. I’m looking forward to seeing what we do in the next three to four years. 

NSN: Kind of a lighting round of unrelated questions. Have you seen Oppenheimer or Barbie?

QM: I haven’t seen either one of them yet. 

NSN: What’s your favorite movie of all time? 

QM: All-time… let me think. The Longest Yard is probably my favorite.

NSN: What’s your favorite line from that movie?

QM: Let me think chuckles. I have to think of something… It’s not appropriate for the interview. 

NSN: If you could only listen to one musical artist, who would that be?

QM: Rod Wave.

NSN: What’s your favorite song by him?

QM: Probably “Brace Face.”

NSN: Last one, are the Steelers going to win the AFC North?

QM: No. 

NSN: Who’s going to win the North?

QM: I’m not sure. I always root for the Steelers. But I always get upset. 

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