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PSU Wrestling

Penn State Wrestling Wins 4 Individual Big Ten Titles, First Team Title Since 2019

ANN ARBOR, MI– Four years is a long time to go without winning a conference tournament for a program as dominant as Penn State wrestling. 

Cael Sanderson has led Penn State wrestling to 10 national championships since taking over as coach in 2009 and came into this weekend in Ann Arbor having won six Big Ten titles. but Penn State wrestling had won its most recent Big Ten title came four years ago when current UFC up-and-comerBo Nickal was dominating on the mat. 

The drought is now over.

No. 1 Penn State wrestling edged No. 2 Iowa by 12.5 points to win the team title, and four Penn State wrestling performers won individual titles. Roman-Bravo Young (133), and Aaron Brooks (184) each won their third conference titles, Carter Starocci (174) won his second and freshman Levi Haines (157) won his first.

Here are the full results:


133: No. 1 Roman Bravo-Young (PSU) def. No. 6 Aaron Nagao (Minn), 5-2 (dec.)

157: No. 2 Levi Haines (PSU) def. No. 1 Peyton Robb (NEB), 2-1 (sv)

174: No. 1 Carter Starocci (PSU) def. No. 2 Mikey Labriola (NEB), 6-1 (dec.)

184: No. 1 Aaron Brooks (PSU) def. No. 5 Kaleb Romero (OSU), 6-1 (dec.)

197: No. 2 Silas Allred (NEB) def. No. 1 Max Dean (PSU), 6-3 (dec.)

285: No. 1 Mason Parris (MICH) def. No. 2 Greg Kerkvliet (PSU), 5-3 (SV-1)


141: No. 2 Beau Bartlett (PSU) def. No. 9 Dylan D’Emilio (OSU) 5-2 (dec.)

149: No. 4 Max Murin (IOWA) def. No. 12 Shayne Van Ness (PSU) 3-2 (dec.)

And here’s how it all happened. 

Beau Bartlett (PSU) vs. Parker Filius (PUR) : 

The first period ended scoreless. Filius scores the match’s first point in the second period, but Bartlett gets the lead with a two-point takedown and ends the period up 2-1. In the third period, Bartlett increased his lead with an escape and kept riding time (1:13). Near the end of the third period, Filius gets a takedown to tie it, but Bartlett gets a point due to riding time.

Final: Bartlett, 5-3 DEC

Van Ness (PSU) vs. Rooks (Indiana)

The two have a back-and-forth first period, with Van Ness taking a 2-1 lead into the middle period. Van Ness takes control in the second period and leaves with a 7-2 lead. Rooks gets an escape in the third period to make it 7-3, but Van Ness retakes control and wins by major decision, with a riding-time point at the end.

Final: Van Ness, 12-4 MD

Facundo (PSU) vs. Braunagel (Illinois)

The two men battle it out, but nobody scores a point for almost two periods. Facundo gets an escape point in the last minute of the second period to take a 1-0 lead, and got a late takedown before the end of the period to push the lead to 3-0. Braunagel gets a point in the second period, but Facundo holds on to win, 3-1.

Final: Facundo, 3-1 DEC

133 lbs Finals : Bravo-Young (PSU) v Nagao (MINN)

The first matchup between these two saw a lot of a lot of hand fighting before RBY jumped after Nagao’s far ankle. The two scrambled and the ref called a stalemate. On the restart, the two were more active as Nagao stepped back from another RBY shot. With 25 seconds, RBY was in on a double, Nagao fought his way outside to escape the takedown, but was called for stalling. In the closing seconds of the first, Bravo-Young finally got through on his double and took a 2-0 lead. After two minutes in the second, RBY scored on his second double-leg pushing the lead to 4-0. Choosing to stay on top to start the riding time clock, RBY ended the second period with 54 seconds on the clock. Nagao started on top for the third looking to eat away at the riding time clock. Nagao was able to hold RBY down to erase the clock and RBY was struggling to get out. Nagao gave up a stall point with twelve seconds left in the match and gained a point from riding time. RBY holds on to win by decision and secures his third Big Ten title.

Final: Bravo-Young, 5-2 DEC

141 lbs 3rd place match: Bartlett (PSU) v D’Emilio (OSU)

Bartlett and D’Emilio held each other off the scoreboard in the first period. D’Emilio started down to start the second and escaped to put the first point on the board. It was Bartlett’s turn down to start the third and escaped to tie the match at one. Bartlett finally got in a shot and secured the takedown taking the led 3-1. After an escape and another takedown, Bartlett held D’Emilio down winning by decision and placing third in the tournament.

Final: Bartlett, 5-2 DEC

149 lbs 3rd place match: Van Ness (PSU) v Murin (IOWA)

Van Ness looked to get his revenge on Murin after losing their first two bouts. Murin scored the first takedown of the match putting Van Ness behind the eight ball. He got his escape as the two finished the first period. SVN earned his escape from bottom in the second to tie the match at 2 all. Murin earned his escape at the start of the third period regaining the lead 3-2. Van Ness could not get Murin down though and dropped the match placing fourth in the tournament.

Final: Murin, 3-2 DEC

157 lbs Finals: Haines (PSU) v Robb (NEB)

The first period saw very little action until Robb snatched one of Haines’ ankles. Robb drove Haines into the mat with one second left on the clock, but no takedown was called after control was not established and the two went out of bounce. The first period ended scoreless. Robb started down in the second and was able to escape to go up 1-0. Haines went down to start the third and received a huge mat return while trying to get out. Haines did get out to tie it up at 1-1. With a one minute left, the two top seeds were looking for any window in to score, but the clock had other plans. The two were set to go in sudden victory. Haines was able to sneak in on a leg, work his way up and then slammed Robb to the mat to earn the two and win his first Big Ten tournament.

Final: Haines, 3-1 SV-1

174 lbs Finals: Starocci (PSU) v Labriola (NEB)

Starocci had the best shot in the first period holding Labriola’s leg up in the air. Starocci got the trip, but Labriola whipped his leg out from reach and went out of bounds. Labriola was down to start the second with the match still scoreless. Starocci has proven to be one of the toughest on top in the country. Labriola was not able to get out fast enough and Starocci got 1:05 of riding time. Labriola did escape and took the lead. Starocci continued his double-leg train and scored before the end of the period. Starocci started on bottom in the third and got his escape point to take a two point lead. Starocci was in on another single leg, got the takedown and secured his second Big Ten title.

Final: Starocci, 6-1 DEC

184 lbs Finals: Brooks (PSU) v Romero (NEB)

Brooks was stalking Romero early, was in on a shot, but Romero’s hand went off the mat nullifying the takedown. Brooks came right back and got the first takedown of the match. Romero did earn an escape point as the first ended 2-1. Brooks was on bottom to start the second and got his escape to make it 3-1. Brooks was back on the offensive scoring another takedown and started to ride Romero getting the clock to 1:33 before the end of the second. Romero was down to start the third and could not get Brooks or himself off the mat. Brooks let up on the ride and Romero got his point. After a restart, Brooks stayed on Romero and locked up the major decision for his third Big Ten trophy.

Final: Brooks, 12-2 MD

197 lbs Finals: Dean (PSU) v Allred (NEB)

The first period saw a lot of scrambling for a pair of 197 pounders and Allred scored the first takedown on Dean. Dean escaped by the end of the first period as the score was 2-1. Allred was about to take Dean down again in the second period making the score 4-3. Allred elected to start the third period neutral and was looking for his third takedown on the edge of the mat with 50 seconds left in the match. Allred got the two and Dean dropped the match coming in second.

Final: Allred, 6-3 DEC

285 lbs Finals: Kerkvliet (PSU) v Parris (MICH)

The last match saw Parris earn the first takedown with a fireman’s carry. Kerkvliet got out to make the score 2-1. Kerkvliet started down in the second to earn his second escape point getting the match to all square at 2. The third period saw Parris on bottom and he escaped in seven seconds. Parris was unable to keep the riding time point as the clock ticked down to 56 seconds, but Parris was leading 3-2. Parris was hit was stall point tying the match at three a piece and the third period came to a close. In sudden victory, Parris blocked the shot Kerkvliet and worked around the back for the match winning takedown.

Final: Parris, 5-3 SV-1

Final Standings

  1. PSU- 147
  2. Iowa- 134.5
  3. Nebraska- 104. 5 
  4. Ohio State- 99
  5. Michigan- 84.5 
  6. Minnesota- 79
  7. Northwestern- 78.5
  8. Wisconsin- 55.5
  9. Purdue- 47
  10. Illinois- 46.5
  11. Rutgers- 32
  12. Indiana- 30
  13. Michigan State- 28
  14. Maryland- 24


Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament: Spencer Lee, Iowa

Wrestler of the Year: Spencer Lee, Iowa

Freshman of the Year: Levi Haines, Penn State

Coach of the Year: Cael Sanderson, Penn State


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